What does Replica mean?
What does Variant mean?
What does AAA Perfect Jordan mean?
What is a B-Grade Jordan?
Do people sell Fake Shoes on eBay?
How can I buy in bulk from NIKE?
What are the best ways to cop a limited pair?
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1.) Beware of shoes being shipped from Asia on eBay, and the web. Not always fake, but highly suspect.
2.) Fake websites will not accept Pay-Pal, and prefer Western Union. This is because Pay-Pal will not allow anyone to use their service to sell fake shoes.
3.) This is a no-brainer: Any site that sells Jordan Models at or below retail is FAKE! (With exceptions of major sites such as Nike.com, Eastbay, and Footlocker).
4.) Any site with the ending .ru instead of .com is highly suspect. It basically means that it is registered in Russia, where it is hard for the US to seize.
5.) Very Basic Web Design, and frequent misspelled words. Models with colors that have never been made are fake too!
6.) A site that sells items from Gucci bags, polo shirts and Jordans on the same site. (LOL)
7.) Any shoe marked “B” grade on a website or in a shoe means it has a defect.
8.)These shoes are commonly available at factory outlets, or wholesalers that would have ties to Nike corporate.
9.) AAA, Perfect Jordan = FAKE. If you see any site that has these listed and also has a section that states “Authentic” Trust me they are all fake.
10.) If in doubt about a site, a good first check is their ‘About Us’ page. Some, if not most sites that sell factory variants, will tell you so.

If buying on eBay check the seller’s feedback and other items for sale. Never buy from sellers with 1 or 0 feedback ratings unless you contact them first to make sure they are legit.
Below is a list of Sneaker Facebook groups:

Sneaker Price Check Only
Niketalk Pro
Philly Fresh Kicks ! Trade, Buy, Sell
Soles of Philly [Buy,Sell,Trade]
Worldwide Buy/Sell/Trade
Sneakerhead Buy/Sell/Trade
LeBron Marketplace
Shoe Game Los Angeles ( Buy-Sell-Trade )
Kicks For Days (Sz 11-12)

What does Replica mean?

Replica means “fake” Illegally produced copies of brand name products. This can be clothing, shoes, handbags, watches, etc.

What does Variant mean?

Variant is a fancy name for replica. Webster defines it as: usually slightly from the standard form.

What does AAA Perfect Jordan mean?

Fake sites advertise AAA + Perfect Jordans. This means they are the highest quality fakes that their factories can produce. There are really crappy replicas, and then there is “AAA Perfect” ones, but even these shoes have poorer quality than authentic Jordans.

What is a B-Grade Jordan?

A “B-Grade Jordan” is an authentic pair that has a slight factory flaw, and is not sent to mainstream stores. You might find them in Nike Factories; sometimes they are at Ross and Marshals. A lot of people will advertise fake Jordans as B-Grade, but you can still tell the difference between the 2.

Do people sell Fake Shoes on eBay?

People sell fake shoes on eBay all of the time. Personally I have bought 4 pairs that turned out to be fake. Do your research on the seller, see tips above.
What are the best ways to cop a limited pair?
Here is a short list of the best ways to get that pair that everyone wants:

1.) Wait in Line! Get the raffle ticket or camp out for a few hours.
2.) Buy online from legitimate sites. Understand that the sites are going to crash and tell you that there was some error. Keep with it. I have gotten rare pairs and I didn’t need that NIKE bot.
3.) Join a Facebook group. Groups are listed above and there are many more out there. You can trade or buy and even meet up locally.
4.) eBay: The best thing about eBay is that you can buy the shoes, and if you verify that they are fake you can most likely get your money back. Research the seller, and never bid on any shoes from sellers with less than 10 feedback scores.

How can I buy in bulk from NIKE?
To open an account with Nike you need a business license, and a physical store. They do not give accounts to everyone. They no longer give accounts to anyone that sells over the Internet.

Sneaker Terminology:

DS- Dead Stock
OBO- Or Best Offer
AJ- Air Jordans
VNDS – Very Near Deadstock
AF1 – Air Force 1
SE – Special Edition
PE – Player Exclusive
OG – Original or Original Release
NDS – Near Deadstock
VNDS – Very Near Deadstock
SB’s – Nike Skateboarding Shoes
SE – Special Edition
Beaters- Jordans that are in bad condition or worn out
FSR – Full Size Run
NWT – New With Tags
Bred- Chicago Bulls Black, Red Colorway
NIB – New In Box
Mules-a model of shoe that has been mader in a slipper
Retro- a model of original air jordan that had been re released to the public
J’s – Jordans
Variant- Fake
Replica- Fake
B Grade


Blacktoes or Black Toe= Air Jordan I’s
True Blue= Jordan III’s
Cement= On Jordan III’s and IV’s
Militaries= Jordan IV’s
Laneys= Jordan V’s (Michael Jordan’s High School Colors)
Fire Red= Jordan V’s
Infared= Air Jordan VI’s
Carmines= Air Jordan VI’s
Maroons= Air Jordan VI
September Blues= Air Jordan VI
Bordeaux= Air Jordan VII’s
Charcoals= Air Jordan VII’s
Hares= Air Jordan VII’s
Cardinals= Air Jordan VII’s
Aquas= Air Jordan VIII’s
Steels= Air Jordan X’s
Chicago’s= Air Jordan X (Or any white/black/red colorway Jordan)
Ice= Clear blue on X’s (other models as well)
Columbia’s= Air Jordan XI
Cavs: Cleveland Cavaliers Colorway
Carolina Blue- Light Blue North Carolina Colorway
Doernbecher: Edition of Jordans inspired by Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Patients
Space Jam’s= Air Jordan XI (Michael Jordan Wore them in the movie “Space Jam)
Concord’s= Air Jordan XI (Black Patent Leather, and white sneaks)
Spiz Ike: Model of sneakers made by Spike Lee
Gamma Blue: Blue, light blue, gold colorway
Bel-Air: Colorway inspired by “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Show”
He Got Game Jordans: Jordan XIII model seen in movie “He Got Game”
Playoffs= Jordan XII/XIII (Or black/white colorway)
Taxis= Air Jordan XII’s
3lab5: Jordan V Grey Gamma Blue Nlack Colorway
Oreo: Black and White colorway
Fire Red: Red White Black Colorway
Grapes: Jordan V Purple Colorway Seen on Wheaties Box
Joker: Black, Green, Purple Colorway
Black Cement: Air Jordan III Model: Black, Cement Grey, White, Varsity Red
Toro: Fire Red, Black, Cement Colorway
Thunder: Black, Yellow Colorway
Military Blue: Blue, White Colorway
Gold Medal: White Metallic Gold
Bordeaux: Black, Light Graphite, Bordeaux, Inspired by African Art Poster
Olympics: Olympic Styled Colorway
Raptors: Black, True Red, Purple Colorway
Bugs Bunny: White Black True Reds
Play offs: Black True Colorway
Cool Grey: White, Grey Colorway
Chicago Bulls: White, Black Red Colorways, X model
Stealth: Black, White Colorway X Model
Fusion: Models of Jordan Retros mixed with Other Models (hybrids)
Snake Skin= Air Jordan XI (Or any Air Jordan with a snake skin colorway)
Altitudes= Air Jordan XIII’s
Flint’s= Air Jordan XIII
Indiglos= Jordan XIV’s
Oxys= Jordan XIV’s
DMP= Defining Moments Package
L’Style= LifeStyle (Comes with lots of matching clothes)
Melo= Carmelo Anthony’s Shoes