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Nike Air Yeezy 2 Comparison Platinum, and Solar below

Are My Kicks Legit Original

–Detailed Images–

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Detailed Pics of the Air Yeezy 2 Platinum Authentic vs “Super Perfect”














v(real on top. hopefully you knew that )v

v(real on left)v


v(real pair on the right)v

Here goes v2 of my Yeezy 2 comparison. This time, solar vs solar!

The fakes are the “1:1 final version” replicas. The best out right now (debatable).

My Solars are 100% Authentic and have been worn

This thread is meant to help buyers IDENTIFY replicas and know what to look out for

IN NO WAY is this promoting buying replicas

With that said, lets get into it!


1. Box

The box on the fakes is VERY small compared to the Authentic box.


The label is correct, but the font is a little off


2. Dust Bag

The bag with the fake pair is a little shiny, and feels thin, flimsy, and cheap, whereas the legit bag feels thick and higher quality (fake bag on right)


Now onto the shoes.

3. Shape***************

The shape is a DEAD giveaway to me. The fakes have very weird shape compared to a real pair





Some fakes out there have the fixed toebox. These “final versions” took a few steps backwards on the toebox. Might be hard to tell in the picture but the toebox is really boxy on the fakes (also notice the translucent sole)

v(real pair on the left)v

4. Lacelocks********************

One of the biggest things to look for. The fakers just can NOT get them right. Every pair of fakes I’ve seen online have these very thin lacelocks. The authentic pairs have thick lacelocks. This goes for on the bag and on the shoes.

(authentic platinum bag vs fake solar bag. Its the same for authentic solars. best picture i took of them so i’ll roll with this one )

v(real lacelock on bottom. notice the crappy material on the fakes)v

On the shoes, the real lacelocks have a roman numeral 2 on the back (mine are kind of faded) the fakes have a fake leather back.

5. Lace Tips

They actually did an alright job on the fake lacetips. They’re the correct size (YES THEY DO FIT ON THE AUTHENTICS!). But the colors are just way off

Gold lace tips on the bag look very dull compared to the legit ones

Lace tips on the real solars are GUNMETAL, the fakes came with glossy BLACK (dummies)

Something i noticed (not sure if this goes for all the different fake pairs) but on the legit pairs, if you screw off the lace tips, the tip of the ACTUAL lace sticks out of the part you screw the tip on (if that makes any sense).

6. Scales****

The scales are honestly terrible on these new fakes. They didnt look that bad in pictures. They’re rubbery, and have waaaay too much detail. They also cant seem to get that dull/ashy finish that the legit pair has.



Fakes also have some VERY small scales. I have no clue where they got this from…I’m yet to see a real pair with scales this small:

7. Suede quality

These fakes dont even have real suede (some might). They have this weird felt-ish material on them (notice how clean the triangles are on the fake pair)

Real pair has very thick suede:


These idiots just COMPLETELY messed up on the strap. (not sure about the previous versions of fakes). Its SHINY, and the Kanye West x Nike text is UPSIDE DOWN. RED F-ING FLAG! 

Real pairs have a matte finish, and very clean kanye x nike text

9: Lining color

Another thing they cant get right. Close…very close. But not right. The real pairs have more of a vibrant color to them. Makes the fakes look dull and almost a salmon color in comparison. This will be very hard to pick up on in pictures, so be careful

v(real on right)v


10. Insole******** get tagged pics

Shape of the insole is WAY off on the fakes, and the material is off. (sorry about the wear on the real insole. Previous owner put some miles on these things. lol)

v(real on right)v

(authentic, brand new insole from my platinums just for better comparison)

Legit pairs have a very soft REAL leather insole. They’re spongy and comfortable. Fakes have very hard foam insoles and plasticky fake leather

v(real pair on right)v

Fakes do have the “secret code” under the insole so watch out

v(authentic plats vs fake solars)v

11. Sole****

Last but not least, the sole. On the new fakes, the sole is translucent again. I think they fixed that on previous versions, and then went right back to it. So this doesnt apply for all fakes

they glow pretty strong though. Not as good as the real pair though 

real plats vs fake solars

I hope that covers everything. Make sure you ask for tagged pictures WITH THE DATE! people are photoshopping tags these days so make sure to ask for handwritten tags (unless they have a bunch of good feedback. some of those guys print their tags)

Dont worry about “bothering” people. if you’re dropping that kind of money, you have a right to get any pictures you want! So ASK

Be skeptical. Dont fall for peoples stories. And to avoid all this, try and find a local pair so you can see them in person.

Happy hunting!