Jordan XIII

Jordan XIII Legit guide

1) Here we have a seemingly real pair of White/True Red-Black XIII’s. However notice the top two lace holes have circles around them; real XIII’s don’t.


2) Looking at the back of the shoe, the real XIII’s bottom section of leopard print is full of circles and ends in a more stubby fashion than the fakes; the fakes’ leopard print area tails off and is longer without circles. Also, the top of the fake shoe climbs too high on the inner side; the inner and outer side should be almost level with each other.


3) Here’s a view of the top of the shoe. You can see that the inner side of the shoe next to the laceholders is thicker than it should be. Also, the two white leopard print sections that hold the laceholders are way too straight. I’ve never seen a pair of XIII’s that straight in my life.


4) Take a look at the soles. On the real XIII’s there is visible red paint in between the white herringbone sections and the black strips, almost a purposeful imperfection. The fakes don’t have these; also, the green jumpman circle is a little too neon.


Real Chutney lows:

(pic copyright InStyleShoes)

Fake White/Navys:

Feel free to add anything you know about fake XIII’s, as well as any comments or suggestions. I hope to see more posts like this in the future!