Jordan V


A lot of the times the Jordan 5’s can easily be spotted as fakes from just the shape of the shoe itself.

Look at this fake pair of Air Jordan 1999′ Fire Reds here.

And then look at this authentic pair here.

You can spot the difference pretty easily. Just look at the tongue. It’s sticking foward a lot more than the legit pair. Even though the legit pair is laced up all the way, Its tongue won’t look like that at all. Also the laces are different. The only pair of retro 5’s that came with oval laces from the factory are the Laney 5’s.

Also be sure to look at the tongue.
Look at this fake pair right here.

And then here’s the authentic pair.

The shape of the tongue is different. On the fakes, the curves that go from the top the side are straight but on the authentics, they curve more.

Just always remember to look at the tongue and also the laces.


On basically all the replica Jordan’s, the Jumpman will look odd and weird. Sometimes he’ll look fatter than usual, have crooked legs,size difference ect.

Look at this fake pair right of Air Jordan 5 Grape here.

And then look at this legit pair here.

You can quite easily tell that the fake’s Jumpman is much smaller than the authentic’s.Even the size is different from the same pair. Also on the fakes the Jumpman’s belly is sticking out more. Some small little details with the Jumpman can really give the authenticity away.

Look at this replica pair’s tongue.

You can tell the Jumpman’s are really skinny odd looking.


Do I really have to point out the differences? So now you know that the Jumpmans can also give it away.


This should be very simple to tell but some people still get fooled. The materials. The materials should never be any different from what they were supposed to be on release.

For example, (I saw this picture as a legit check here and though it was perfect) look at these Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull.

The material is supposed to be suede but here it’s leather. Very obvious way to spot a fake is by the material used.




Know your colors. Never buy a pair of 5’s which colorway hasn’t released at all. If you think it’s a sample, do a little research on it to see if it’s actually a sample not a fake pair.
If you’re unsure of how a color is supposed to look then look up a picture from Flight Club and compare it. Sometimes the light of where or when the picture was taken will affect the color. But make sure its somewhat close if not spot on.

Look at this fake pair right here.

And then the authentic pair.

The authentics pair’s midsole is more of a blue but on the replica’s it’s more purple. That’s obvious to tell. So make sure you check your colors.


The stitching can also sometimes be a giveaway. Make sure its not sloppy but well made. Some of the authentics will have a few stitching errors here and there but fakes will have them everywhere so watch out for that.

Also look at the 23 on the side of the 5’s that do feature the 23. Make sure they have a drop shadow.

Be sure that none of the newer releases have the Nike Air on the back because only the 5’s from 99′ and earlier feature the Nike Air on the back.

Make sure the sneakers don’t come with a chrome Jumpman hangtag.

Fake Air Jordan 5 3Lab5 “Black Infrared”: In the “fake” photos below you can see how the black upper is extremely light, the outsole looks terrible plus it’s all bumpy, the icy sole is a very light blue when it’s suppose to be darker, and the red on the midsole is very dark.

Real Air Jordan 5 3Lab5 “Black Infrared”: In the “real” photos below you can tell that the shoe is suppose to be much darker than the fakes above, the midsole is suppose to be a lot smoother, the icy sole is correct shade of blue, and the red on the midsole is much lighter which is exactly how it should be.

TIP 1:
These shoes will be retailing for $225, they will be limited so if you’re not purchasing a pair from retailer you will be paying atleast $300 for a real pair after it’s release. Any pair you see for cheaper online will be 99% of the time FAKE.
TIP 2:
Do not buy these from websites with sketchy names such as “Wholesale Jordans”, unless you’re buying these from a legit seller on Ebay or an official website such as you will most likely be purchasing fakes.