The easiest way to spot a fake deal, which applies to all shoes, is to verify the packaging. It’s usually very helpful in the first couple of months after the shoe drops. Especially with LeBron James’ signature shoes the designers make it easy for us. Each year James’ kicks come in a new drawer box. For the LEBRON XI it’s a two-colored black and red carton with two L-crown-J logos upside down. Sort of like the concept of yin and yang. Additionally, on the side there are LEBRON and JAMES logos written using a special font that reads JAMES and LEBRON upside down.

Zoom Air insole
The full-length Zoom Air insole is back! Although it’s not as fancy as the Zoom Max unit used for the LeBron X, it has been used before, it’s still very unique in its construction. On the top Nike placed the same LEBRON (right shoe) and JAMES (left shoe) logos that are present on the box. On the bottom goes the classic Zoom Air bag… full length style. Additionally, the insole incorporates a Lunarlon foam. While the counterfeits that I’ve seen so far did get the logos right, the color blocking is off. Also, the cushioning unit below looks more like an Air Max bag with tubes instead of Zoom, which is smooth.

original vs. fake


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