Jordan V Supreme Camo

One of the year’s most anticipated collaborations, the Supreme x Air Jordan 5 Collection is expected to release sometime this month — perhaps as early as next week.

While details haven’t officially been announced, variants have already flooded the market. And because Supreme releases are so difficult to buy straight up, many sneakerheads will turn to resellers to acquire a pair. To help you make sure you’re not getting burnt by a pair of knockoffs, Fake Education has put together a list of ways to tell the difference between an authentic pair of “Camo” Supreme 5s and replicas. Read on for the tips.


1. Lace Tab


Fake Education: “Notice the black lace hole piece runs parallel to the end of the panel on the real pair. But on the unauthorized, the lace plate does not at all — it is angled on a slant. Refer to green highlighted lines for a better understanding.”


2. Heel Embroidery


Fake Education: “The green line shows the back heel is more straight on the unauthorized, while it is more curved on the real pair. Red box shows the craftsmanship of the ’94’ is sloppier on the unauthorized. Light blue box shows the midsole is more of a flat matte black finish on the unauthorized.”


3. Quarter Branding


Fake Education: “The ‘Sup’ behind the mesh is a lot more dull and not as visible on the unauthorized.”


4. Heel


Fake Education: “The cut of the panel the red arrows point to has a deeper dip, which causes the double stitch lines to come closer to the ball of the Jumpman on the real pair. This panel cut flaw is a common flaw on most unauthorized 5s in general.”


5. Box Panel


Fake Education: “The cut of the top of the box panel has a very DEEP dip on the unauthorized pair, where as on the real pair, it has a more straight cut with a very slightly rounded curve to it. Easy to see.”


6. Outsole


Fake Education: “The ‘SUPREME’ under the Jumpman symbol on the outsole is very blurry on the real pair because the outsole is more milky. On the unauthorized pair, the ‘SUPREME’ it is more legible because it is more translucent.”