Jordan OVO Jordan X Drake

One of the year’s most hyped up releases, Drake’s “OVO” Air Jordan 10 is fetching $600-$700 on the open market. But with so many counterfeit pairs in circulation, paying that much is a huge gamble. Fortunately, there are some telltale signs that will help you distinguish knockoffs from authentic pairs. Fake Education breaks it down below.


1. OVO Owl


Fake Education: “Owl logo print on insole is completely incorrect on the unauthorized. Ears, nose, and eyes are incorrectly shaped. And you’ll also notice the gold color used is not the same.”

2. Tongue


Fake Education: “The retail pair has a perfectly smooth curved tongue, the unauthorized has a choppy shaped tongue; craftmanship is not as clean as the retail pair.”

3. Side Panel


Fake Education: “The blue arrows pointing inside of the red circles show the stitching comes to a point on the unauthorized, but on the retail pair it is a rounded curve.”

4. Heel


Fake Education: “No real big difference when looking at the back heel area.” (Note: It does appear that the stitch holes are a bit larger on the fake pair and the legit Jumpman is a bit more refined.)

5. Tongue Tag

air-jordan-10-ovo-legit-real-fake-5Fake Education: “No big difference on the inside tongue tag.”

6. Outsole


Fake Education: “The outsole of the unauthorized has a lot more of an ICY look to it, rather than just translucent with gold speckling like the retail pair.”


via Fake_Education