Fake Sneaker Beginnnings


Fake Sneaker Beginnings

When was the first time you heard about fake sneakers?

Who remembers coolkicks.com??

What were your expectations? The first time I had heard of or was made aware of counterfeits was through the Internet. It was about 2002, and I came across a website through a random forum post. When I opened the site I was amazed to see every Jordan ever released, and in every possible color that wasn’t available anywhere.

There was a short-lived lore about having any Jordan you wanted in any possible color combination. From Gucci Jordans and any color of Air Force 1’s to Louis Vuitton Timberlands, and red Jordan XI high tops. That lore quickly faded. Fake shoes were made so poorly back then. Looking back at it I can’t believe I thought the Gucci Air Force 1’s I bought were cool at all. I also bought a couple pairs of XI’s that completely fell apart after one trip to the basketball court.

Obviously fake sneakers now a day have much better quality, so much so that we had to create this site to educate people about buying fakes.

The only thing that really bothers me about “replica” sneakers today is the people who try to capitalize on it. Those who try to blend in with resellers and pass off a fake pair as real. However we have much more precautions we can use that were not available: this site, new PayPal policies, eBay policies, Nike Talk, and various Facebook groups.

I HATE being scammed, in any shape or form. This is why I created this website. If you want to buy fake shoes FINE, just don’t sell them to me.